Tips to Consuming the Right CBD Oil Dosage

CBD oil

The growing marijuana market is opening doors for various products and cannabis paraphernalia to reach the public. This means that higher quality items stand out from the low grade fluff used for a quick penny. However, the high grade products can only stand out if you know how to identify them. CBD oil is growing in popularity amongst many users. Both first timers and old timers are investing in CBD oil. CBD oil does carry a heavier price tag than regular dry bud and this is mainly due to the fact that the manufacturer undergoes a much more detailed process.

As is the nature with any emerging market, there are people who would like to convince you that the CBD oil they are selling is top quality. The following list will arm you with knowledge to be able to discern what high quality CBD oil is.

CBD oil is an incredible supplement however of certain manufacturing conditions are not met the CBD oil does lose value. At present there are few regulations over the CBD oil and this is causing some problems. By the middle of 2018 more regulations and restrictions are set to be in place. But in the meantime how can you ensure that the oil you are spending your money on is really high grade?

Also, there are reports that some scam artists are selling snake oil under the premise that it is CBD oil. While it is not simple to tell the trustworthy oils apart from the bad oils, there are a few signs that can help.

Let us begin with the basics; CBD (Cannabidol) is found in the cannabis plant. The CBD is extracted from cannabis plants. The extraction can come from agricultural hemp or from the marijuana plant itself. The agricultural hemp is the more common option as it contains lower amounts of THC (THC is the main culprit behind feeling “high” due to the psycho activity that it promotes). CBD is the one you want if you are looking for health benefits rather than a high.

Use the following five points when looking for high grade CBD oil:

  • Dig deep to find out the production methods

The CBD oil is a fledgling in the retail market and for this reason there are few regulations on its production. Different companies and brands will have different production and extraction methods. Identify what solvents are used for the extraction, research which is potentially toxic and harmful to structure of CBD. Avoid such solvents that contain butane, propane, pentane or hexane. You want an oil that as used quality graded and organic ethanol or supercritical Carbon dioxide for the extraction. The information about the extraction methods should be on the company’s website.

  • Find out where and how the marijuana or hemp was initially grown

Try to source out CBD oil that has been extracted from locally grown hemp or marijuana. If you are in the US, it is good to know that US grown hemp should be safe as the farmers need to abide by regulations set out by their respective departments of agriculture.

  • Compare THC levels

Check the labels on the retail item or on the website to ensure that THC levels are not above 0.3 percent.

  • Look for a “whole plant” or “Full Spectrum” label

These labels are indicative of well rounded CBD oil. There are many active chemicals and compounds found in the marijuana or hemp plants that assist in CBD being fully assimilated and active within the body

  • Transparency is key

A trustworthy brand will have lab results available for the interested buyer to view. These can be found on the company’s website or on the product packaging itself.

Keep your purchases close to home, from local sources. Find companies that work with integrity at their core and you should find quality CBD oil.

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