Solving the marijuana cost issue: Here is a new fund that could help

Most patients have struggled with high costs of keeping up with marijuana needs. This has been worsened by the fact that no insurance companies have come out to say that they will cater for medical marijuana bills. In that case, most marijuana patients have found themselves in a position where they cannot afford to pay for their bills on medical cannabis. This problem has been highlighted throughout the cannabis industry and apparently, solutions are now coming up though not on large scale. Hopefully, things will change soon. In this regard, a cannabis business organization in Washington is beginning a fund to assist medical marijuana patients pay for their medical cannabis. The Washington Cannabis Business Association (WACA) said on December 6, 2016 that the new charitable endeavor will ensure increased access to medical cannabis for patients. The illegal status of weed at the federal level has been the reason for the financial challenges affecting medical marijuana patients throughout America. Individuals seeking for financial assistance can hardly get any help owing to the federal stand that has continued to regard marijuana as a schedule 1 substance. Therefore, any activities revolving around it including research, trade and use remains illegal under the federal laws.

Due to the state of affairs, medical cannabis patients are looking for alternatives to fund their weed budget. According to the executive director of WACA, individuals don’t have access to similar opportunities to get help for their cannabis medicine. Having a doctor’s marijuana recommendation is not enough because patients have faced a lot of challenges trying to finance their marijuana bills. As a result, accessing their pot medications has unexpectedly become difficult despite the existence of laws that legalize them. There are various cannabis medications around but acquiring them from the dispensary is now a challenge to almost all users. Patients are encountering a number of health conditions and can sometimes get help for prescription drugs that can be funded through insurances. The lack of support from relevant health services has resorted to this situation where some to go back to government agencies, charities and pharmaceutical companies for prescription drugs.

A financial support system does not exist for medical pot. In that case, WACA believes that it can help to fill that gap for the time being. Maybe things will change for the better when the federal government considers changing the status of cannabis nationally. Due to the many regulatory and legal challenges along with other unknowns concerning marijuana, the medical marijuana access fund is still underway with its organization. WACA is committed to make it available for patients by spring.  Qualifying ailing individuals with an authorization from a medical doctor can make an application for financial help from this kitty. Once preparations are complete, WACA says that forms will be available at the retail locations of their members. They will also be provided online within the first quarter of 2017. The decision to come up with this fund was not as a result of the absence of licensed medical weed products provided in retail stores.

Ideally, all WACA’s retail members who have been given medical endorsements have products in their stores and the number is increasing by the day. Any person will be in a position to donate to this kitty and will be managed disjointedly from WACA.  WACA also made an announcement that there will be a new code of conduct that each member will be required to sign to. Following the formation of WACA under initiative 502, the organization believes it was time to represent the desire of the people. The marijuana industry continues to evolve and once this matter of finances is settled, then it will just be like any other business operating out there.


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