Proposition 64 is a Miracle for Many

Following the passing of Proposition 64 by voters in California during the 2016 November elections, a lot of changes have been realized with so much still in wait. During the elections, voters had the choice of passing this measure which was primarily about the adult use of marijuana. Basically, the passing of Proposition 64 means that any adult at the age of 21 years and above is permitted to use recreational marijuana but with certain regulations. Therefore, for all those who have been hiding out there in the black market, freedom finally came and they can now smoke weed without the fear of being arrested by authorities. The measure was passed with a majority 57% of votes at the state level. The legitimate commercial, controlled sale of cannabis will however not start immediately in California until the beginning of 2018. However, other provisions of the new cannabis law were effected immediately. For instance, there was a San Francisco Chronicle that was reported recently of a Livermore man who was relieved of charges made against him before November 8, 2016. He was released on November 9 with a reduced charge out of the many issues that were attached to his case.  This must have been the greatest thing to have happened for him in 2016.

The rate at which marijuana is being accepted in America today is amazing. Today, licensed medical marijuana businesses in California are experiencing a major boost with the new laws. Although Proposition 64 was mainly on recreational cannabis, it also touched on small issues related to medical marijuana. In what appeared as an oversight on the part of the authors on this measure, weed users will experienced a much reduced costs on their marijuana, at least in the short term. Future amendments may change the situation. Most importantly cannabis is more accessible to users than ever before. Authorities are now relaxed about marijuana laws and users have attained a certain level of freedom though with certain set limits that they must adhere to.

The job market is feeling the impact of the marijuana industry. It is not a secret that marijuana businesses are a growing hope for many job hunters. There are very many opportunities at all levels right from the cultivation, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution and selling of cannabis products.  While some of the openings may not have been fully began operations, they will definitely come up in the near future. Technology has played a very significant role in boosting the efforts of supplying weed to consumers. Today, web and software developers have been very instrumental in availing marijuana for sale online. Customers no longer need to go out to purchase weed. With a mere click of a button, they can get all that they need from a marijuana dispensary delivered to them in a timely fashion. There are many other auxiliary services that are needed as a back up support for the weed industry to thrive. The need for transportation facilities and quality control departments has opened a door for many in those fields.

The only challenge facing the cannabis industry is the issue of getting involved in the national financial system. There is a lot of cash revolving around the business and handling it manually is causing some problems. Even though it is also an opportunity for others to land a job in offering security, it is making businesses operate in risky situations. Despite this challenge and few others that may find a solution soon, the marijuana business is proving to be a threat to other employment sources such as the beer industry. There has been a shift in the way business is conducted in the alcohol industry just because marijuana has brought up tight competition.

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