Parenting and smoking weed is all about getting the balance right

Parenting and smoking weed can mix. It’s merely a matter of getting the balance right. There are a number of do’s and don’ts in this scenario if you want to be a good parent but still enjoy your after-work tope.

Marijuana’s drop-out dude persona is rapidly changing as an increasing number of young professional family-orientated people turn to weed for their wind-down time. As one such mother states, people are shocked when parents use cannabis but don’t bat an eye-lash if mommy and daddy drink a glass of wine in front of their children.

Another young couple say they almost never drink any alcohol because it could impair their response to the needs of their child. Weed does not affect them in the same way as alcohol and point out that caring for their child after a night out on the town could be too high a price to pay.

So in this new age of legalized weed there can be no doubt whatsoever about the turn-around in how cannabis is being viewed, especially among hard-working young professional parents in need of a way to relax and unwind.

Don’t #1 – Over-indulge in wine-time

Don’t think that wine-time will have no affect on your parenting skills. “One for the pot and one for the chef” after you’ve had one glass too many may see you spicing your child’s “spag-bol” with alcohol.

Don’t #2 – Use cannabis when you are pregnant

Don’t use pot when you are pregnant. Scientific research has found that children who are breastfed by cannabis users can display signs of slower developmental and motor skills. Weed contains THC – the compound that makes you high – and transmitting this to your baby in the womb or later, through breast milk, could have harmful effects on your child’s ability to focus, read to feel emotions.

Don’t #3 – Leave your weed lying around

Don’t leave your weed or any accessories lying around. If you’re into edibles such as gummies the outcome is inevitable. Also, children are fascinated by fire, so whatever you do don’t leave your bong or matches anywhere visible or within reach. Pack everything away in a child-proof container high up on a shelf, or better still safely behind a locked cupboard door. Remember, children can be very creative!

Don’t #4 – Allow your child to smoke pot

Here we are stating the obvious when we say don’t let your child smoke pot. And this includes second-hand smoke. So, never smoke weed while your children and still up-and-about because of the danger of ingestion. A study proved that children who were subjected to second-hand weed inhalation had traces of marijuana in their urine. Another obvious no-no is allowing your children to eat weed-infused edibles. Don’t forget the consequences such as the woman who was arrested for feeding her toddler weed-infused mac ‘n cheese.

Do#1 – Administer medical marijuana if prescribed

Do administer marijuana medication to your child for medical conditions if prescribed by a doctor. It is now a well-established fact that weed controls disorders such as epileptic episodes and assists children with cancer and autism but the strains and dosages must be correct.

Do#2 – Act responsibly when using weed

Do act responsibly about where and when you sit back to enjoy your tope. As already explained, it would be stupid to smoke weed in front of your child or even more stupid to invite your child to join you! But results from research and study groups have demonstrated that there is less likelihood of domestic violence in homes with parents who use cannabis. So enjoy your down-time but unwind responsibly.

Do #3 – Play with your child when stoned

Do play with your child when you are high. That is when you are relaxed and receptive to having fun, relating to your child and being more tolerant. As one mother explains, weed makes her a better and more interactive parent.

Do#4 – Discuss marijuana with your children

When you feel the time is right, do discuss marijuana with your child. Explain the benefits of weed, such as the amazing breakthroughs in medical research that have uncovered its qualities to control dread diseases and disorders such as cancer, epilepsy and chronic pain. Explain to them that while weed is legal in many states, it is nevertheless still regarded as a Schedule One drug by the federal government. Tell them about the dangers of driving a vehicle when stoned. And, finally, explain the deadly consequences of using synthetic marijuana and urge them, when of age and by individual choice, to always use only the best organic weed available.


While there is nothing wrong with using cannabis while parenting, there are several issues that you should avoid. Be responsible about where and when you smoke to avoid your children from inhaling second-hand weed and prevent them from seeing you super-stoned. But remember too, that honesty is the best policy so share your knowledge about cannabis with them when you feel the time is right.

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