Maryland, after delays, begins selling medical marijuana

There are many people who are going to celebrate such news as marijuana is finally going to be sold in Maryland. Many residents would find Friday as one of their best days as it marks the beginning of medical marijuana being sold to the patients. It has been years of delay, but now it is finally happening. All this time, the authorities were dealing with ways to get the most liberal policies for the state. This included who could qualify to use the medical marijuana.

Long queues of patients

With the sale of marijuana expected to kick off on Friday, you can expect to see long queues of people around the licensed dispensaries in the state. The owners of such dispensaries should expect to cash in fast with many people looking to enjoy their medical marijuana for the first time.

William Askianzi, owns a dispensary in the state. He claims that both the workers and patients were euphoric about the day. Since many had already qualified to get medical cannabis, it should not be a problem for them to get their medical marijuana right away. With more than half of the U.S. states having legalized marijuana, Maryland seemed to be lagging for so long because of policy issues.

Askianzi added that you could tell there was a sense of happiness in the air when it comes to using medical marijuana. For many people, they finally get to embrace the care they have long wanted.

One of the patients, Denise Broyhill, was among the first people to buy medical marijuana when the dispensaries opened their doors. She was happy and upbeat when she got her marijuana tablets. She could not wait to get home and try her tablets to see how it would help her. Broyhill is relieved that after years of waiting, finally, what the doctor had recommended is available in her state. She hopes that the marijuana would help with the pain she gets from a neurological condition.

First medical marijuana law

It might come as a surprise that Maryland approved its first medical marijuana law back in 2013. That was quite a long time for many people to wait for it to start working. The problem mostly was due to the requirement that academic medical centers would run the program. Well, none of the centers were willing to work on the program. This promoted the law to be changed in 2014. This allowed the doctors certified by the state cannabis commission to help with recommending the medical marijuana to patients. At this time, the law allowed patients with debilitating, chronic or severe illnesses.

It is expected that the program could face a few problems before it can stabilize. The common problem would be the limited available supply of medical marijuana products. It is expected that most dispensaries would have 600 to 1000 patients over the next three days.

Patrick Allison is another patient who was on the line looking to get some of the medical marijuana. He claims to suffer from arthritis and is always in pain. The condition also causes inflammation of the spinal joint that could mean severe pain and discomfort at all times.

More patients who were on the line expressed their happiness that they could finally use marijuana for their conditions. Some say life has been a nightmare, but now the use of medical marijuana can easily be compared to as a godsend.

At the moment, medical marijuana is available for any conditions that the other medical treatments have been ineffective to treat. The doctor will have to look at the symptoms and consider if they will easily be handled by using marijuana products. Mostly it would be recommended for patients with chronic medical conditions that can cause pain, severe nausea, seizures, appetite loss, and other losses.

The marijuana law in Maryland would also allow nurse practitioners, podiatrists, nurse midwives, and dentists determine who can be eligible to use medical marijuana. The best part is that patients from other states seeking to use medical marijuana would also be allowed to be certified to access marijuana tablets.

Even if it took a long time, medical marijuana is finally here. Patients in Maryland can now use it responsibly to deal with various conditions. You can now expect the push for recreational marijuana anytime soon in the same state.

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