Marijuana and the World of Medicine: A Marriage That Has Not Yet Been Legalized!?

Specialists in the medical world are yet to accept medical marijuana as a mainstream drug for the treatment of patients. It is a scenario that is somehow conflicting despite the herb having found a lot of use amongst patients from different parts of the world. They say that doctors are not free to give prescriptions for any kind of treatment using this drug and this has hampered acceptance of medical cannabis by mainstream medical professionals. Today, “medicine and marijuana uses” is becoming a very controversial topic with the continued push for reforms. This is especially looking at the reaction of professionals from the medicine world. The news about the legalization of medical weed is not very much welcome among doctors.

The subject about marijuana being one of the drugs doctors have to prescribe to patients is not going well with everybody. Apparently, doctors have based their opinion on the research they have done. All the same, there is not much effort done to educate medical practitioners about uses of medical weed. What has been on the forefront is the advocacy put forward by such media personalities as Sanjay Gupta, who has made a significant influence. There are also fears in how doctors could take the benefits of medical weedin the treatment of patients: prescribing it as a medication because of its potential; and failing to prescribe it because they believe the drug is a dangerous herb.

Are all Medical Professionals against Marijuana Regimen?
All is not gone for medical marijuana advocates. Some doctors have accepted the existence of a medical cannabis dispensary to issue the drug to authorized patients. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, AIDS patients who were ready to suggest the drug were mainly treated by gay doctors. This was mainly experienced in California despite the risks involved of losing their jobs. Today, doctors, specifically in states that are friendly to marijuana such as medical weed, California welcome the idea of prescribing the drug to ailing patients for such conditions as HIV/AIDS, Chronic Pain (especially treatment with Indica Marijuana), Cancer and Childhood epilepsy.

Despite the existence of such doctors who are willing to do medical cannabis prescriptions, getting them is not automatic. Even with such developments, getting prescribing medical professionals or even how to get medical marijuana is not that easy. No one is willing to publicly do this but with an adept search, patients may get lucky to get them. The only hope left for many is getting weed for sale online. Using Weedmaps, patients have been able to get places where they can get doctors who can prescribe openly. It has been found out that specialty physicians are most likely giving the best prescriptions than general medical practitioners. Therefore, it is important for patients to look out for the former. Yes, you can buy marijuana online after making a good contact professional for the drug.  There are also prescriptions given in a pharma version of marijuana like dronabinol and if you convince your doctor, you can get it.

The Use of Marijuana Medicine
There is a lot of opposition in the use of medical marijuana and this is even coming from people who know that cannabis is a good regimen for ailing patients. Common issues such as mood disorders, depression, ADD and fatigue have responded very well to sativa marijuana. Back in 2014, WebMD survey showed that a good number, out of a total of 1,500 doctors supported the legalization of marijuana. Evidently, there is still some tug of war coming from two sides that apparently made some agreement concerning a matter of common interest. It is like two people in marriage who continue to live in denial yet seem to be productive in various ways.

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