Invaluable Tips for Buying Marijuana Online

Online marijuana sales have increased by almost 200%, adding impetus to the fact that more and more Americans are buying their weed from the comfort of their homes.

Trends in online marijuana sales were uncoveredin a study spanning 12 years. The results were published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. This was the first time that a scientific analysis of online weed sales was conducted.

Spotlighting Google searches for online weed sales between 2005 and 2017, researchers pointed out that by June 2017, 2.4 million searches were recorded in a single month.

There can be no doubt about the validity of the findings because of the in-depth nature of the research. Forty-four States came under the microscope, of which 42 showed an increasing number of searches for buying online weed. Researchers also excluded six States with the lowest populations.

But, as with any new emerging trend, buying weed online does have its pitfalls.

Don’t get scammed

The phenomenal growth of online weed sales has attracted an army of scammers out to fleece you of your hard-earned cash. They generally use social media platforms to attract their gullible victims, posting pretty pictures and words to entrap sales.

Don’t fall victim to so-called distributors on sites such as Craigslist, Facebook and Instagram. If they were legit they would have their own website.

Scammers can be smooth-talking individuals who set up temporary email addresses and answer any questions you may have but once the deal is done – you part with your cash, usually in the form of a money order – they disappear off the radar, leaving you high and dry.

Buying weed online from social media scammers also leaves you vulnerable to action from law enforcement officers because it is still an illegal substance at federal level. It is a known fact that the police use social media platforms to bust unsuspecting buyers.

Always buy from a certified seller

It is very easy to quickly establish whether or not you are dealing with a certified seller. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, surfing for information is a breeze.

An example of how you will go about finding a certified dealer is:

  1. Surf online marijuana sellers
  2. Read the information they share with their visitors
  3. If their information focuses only on their products and prices, put that company on the back-burner
  4. Reputable sellers of marijuana online have professional websites that carry tons of interesting information and weed-related news blogs
  5. In their “About Us” menu, they will openly tell you how long they have been in operation and explain all about their different products and services
  6. Once you are satisfied that you are looking at a legit online seller, you can safely place your order

Due Diligence

Apply due diligence and thoroughly research the company of your choice. Compare apples with apples by researching more than one online marijuana seller. Check out their range of products and price lists and try to select a company that operates in the area in which you live.

Researching price lists is also very important and comparing the cost to those offered by retail dispensaries will also give you an invaluable insight into who you are going to entrust your cash.


California is rapidly gaining recognition as the Cannabis Capital of the World with its fantastic climate conducive to weed cultivation, its numerous retail dispensaries, its premium-standard bud, its efficient weed delivery services and its amazing online marijuana sales platforms.

If you are fortunate enough to live in California then you can rest assured that your future journey with legal weed is in safe hands.

California has always led by example and buying weed online is just one of the many trend-setting developments in its awesome portfolio.

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