Is Indiana About to Legalize CBD oil and products?

CBD oil

The chances of Indiana legalizing medical pot are slim in 2018, but several legislators including Seymour Republican Representative Jim Lucas have pledged to make some changes. The likelihood of debates over how to transform the state’s Cannabidiol (CBD) oil lawshappening is very high. Weed has two main active ingredients, Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and Tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH). CBD has medicinal properties while THC makes people high.

In 2017, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed into law House Bill 1148 that allowed patients with epilepsy to use Cannabidiol oil for their condition. This new law created controversy as store owners didn’t understand whether or not weed was legal to sell and a result 60 stores stopped selling it.

According to marijuana news, from a personal point of view, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill says CBD is illegal. In November 2017 the Governor declared all stores were required to pull out all products with THC from their shelves within 60 days.

A number of lawmakers are suggesting that the registry should be expanded to include additional conditions, while others want to explain to those on the registry how they can legally purchase the substance. Some stakeholders are planning to lobby the government to push the state to fully legalize the products.

According to the governor, all CBD is legal as long as it doesn’t contain THC and is labeled as required by law.

As much as Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the Bill into law, over the past several months there has been chaos and confusion in the weed industry. According to reliable marijuana news sources, law enforcement officers have on many occasions raided weed dispensaries and confiscated undisclosed amounts of CDB products.

While the governor seems unconcerned about the marijuana news he gets about whole situation, which has gotten so worse that even qualified patients are not fully exempt from criminal penalties for using CBD products, Republican state senator Jim Tomes has clearly come out to say he has had enough of it.

The Associated Press (AP) recently reportedthat Tomes had filed a piece of legislation that would clarify the legal status of CDB in Indiana. He says the bill aims at cutting the unwarranted chases and clarifying all matters relating to CBD so it can become fully legal.

As much as House Bill 1148 permits use of weed, it has serious setbacks. Firstly, it doesn’t tell stores where they can source the CBD from. Secondly, it has not specified how the distribution network for CBD products should be regulated. Tome’s Bill seeks to address these setbacks.

The legislation has broad support among lawmakers, and if it passes, individuals will obtain CBD products like over-the-counter drugs. It has clearly stated that CBD oil is a non-controlled substance and associated products are legal.

Senator Tomes is acting in the best interest of his constituents, and many of them have confessed to CBD oil having helped them recover from their ailments. Also, according to marijuana updates CBD oil is safer and cheaper than most of the available prescription painkillers.

There are high chances the bill will come to pass so Indiana can fully legalize Cannabidiol oil. If successful, it will bring to an end the confusion of what’s legal and what’s not. Stay up to date with marijuana news to know more about this development.

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