The Legal Dos and Don’ts of Recreational Marijuana in Los Angeles

Recreational Marijuana

On January 1st California kicked off the first legal recreational marijuana sales. Licenses were valid and many Californians lined up for the momentous occasion. Each city has a different set of regulations for the legal recreational use and sale of marijuana, with laws for the city of Los Angeles marijuana being amongst the strictest.

  • Travelling with marijuana

Marijuana is allowed to be transported in a motor-vehicle, as long as it is in a closed container and is in the trunk of the vehicle. You can expect much the same restrictions as with alcohol, you are not permitted to drive while under the influence at all and consumption within the car is not permitted either. The latest Los Angeles marijuana updates state that Los Angeles International Airport views 8 grams or less than an ounce of marijuana as if a passenger was carrying tobacco and treated as another tobacco product would be treated. It is important to bear in mind that once in the air, federal law comes into effect and the destination state could have very different policies.

  • Public conduct with marijuana

Since the 1st of January, it has been legal within the city of Los Angeles to purchase, consume for enjoyment and grow marijuana. These legalities rest there as the consumption of cannabis in public is strictly prohibited. Only adults over the age of 21 will are allowed to purchase and consume weed. Only businesses that hold the specific selling license for recreational marijuana will be permitted to legally sell cannabis. Smoking will not be permitted in bars either. Businesses can, however, obtain a specific license that permits patrons to consume marijuana within their business premise. However, the business will not be allowed to sell alcohol or tobacco at the same time. In addition to this, patrons visiting the business will only be allowed to light up marijuana; that means no alcohol consumption and no tobacco either. Private clubs have started advocating themselves as a private venue or club, which allows them to slip through the law. Visitors have to pay a fee at the door and to sign in. This makes the club “private” and therefore the “no marijuana consumption in public” does not pertain to these clubs.

  • Growing marijuana

People are permitted to grow and cannabis. Individuals are only allowed to be growing six cannabis plants at a time and these plants have to be grown out of the public eye and in spaces that are private and locked.

  • Selling marijuana

Marijuana sellers, whether for medicinal or recreational use, have to have a license to be able to legally sell. Recreational marijuana users will not need a license however they still need to behave responsibly or an unwelcome fine could be issued. The Los Angeles Police Department is geared up and ready for any misconduct and will be stern about the rules. Businesses will be checked regularly and if they are caught selling cannabis without the valid license could face a charge of $500. Selling to a minor will warrant a charge of up to seven years in prison.

The moral of the story? Be responsible.

Don’t drive under the influence, don’t arrive to work high, consume in private and keep the minors out the marijuana shops. Be Responsible!

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